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Risk tip

  • Risk Tip: Showing Etiquette and Safety  (June 2023)

    Whether we are representing buyers or sellers, one of the most crucial pieces of our business is our relationships with other agents, our peers. Our reputation in dealing with them is built over time and often precedes us, setting the tone for collaboration in a transaction. If we have a good reputation, agents will feel good about showing our listings and will be happy when we show theirs. The opposite can also be true. What does your reputation say about you? Ensure your success with this ‘One Thing’ – LEAD with the Golden Rule.  In your business, in your life.

    In our current market, many buyers are prepared to do a marathon house hunt before they make the decision to put in an offer. Whether we show 2 homes or 20, each showing should reflect professionalism and courtesy to our buyer, the seller, and our fellow agent.

    The following are some reminders to ensure our good reputation as well as a professional, successful, and safe showing of MLS listings to our buyers:

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