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The MLSSAZ Technology Committee identifies and assesses the best products to achieve the strategic goals of developing the most reliable, secure and accessible MLS system.
The Technology Committee helps develop a stronger MLS system for the MLSSAZ region, which will be the source for Real Estate information for our Associations, Participants, Subscribers, and the public. The Technology Committee provides information to support the outreach efforts of the Organization to become the favored source of real estate information for the media. Our goal is to provide enhanced online resources and improved data integrity. We will put security measures and additional error checking in place, resulting in reliable, accurate and easy to use information.
We will continue to keep our data as proprietary as absolutely possible so that it may be as reliable as possible.
Over time, we plan to increase education and offer better education to Participants and Subscribers in every aspect of functionality of our data system. Our classes can be offered as beginner, intermediate, and advanced MLS; and we will communicate better to our Subscribers about their availability. We expect our membership to be well-trained on our MLS system. We will contribute to improvements in real estate practice by better defined regulations, rules, and standards.


Jeremy Hardy

Vice President, MLSSAZ