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MLS Standards Committee

The MLSSAZ Board of Directors has tasked the MLS Standards Committee with administrative review of alleged violations of the MLS Rules and Regulations. The MLS Standards Committee is a group of REALTORS with varying areas of expertise and a passion for upholding the ideals of the MLS.

When reviewing potential violations of the MLSSAZ rules and Regulations, the MLS Standards Committee, with the aid of MLS Staff, use the provisions established in the Corrections Policy to guide them through the process of reviewing a potential violation and, if necessary, issue sanctions and fines. The Corrections Policy is available for download as a PDF file below.

MLSSAZ Corrections Policy 

On May 1, 2017, the MLSSAZ Corrections policy will be in effect. The Corrections Policy replaces the Violation Flowchart used as a guide for alleged violations of the MLS Rules and Regulations. The Corrections Policy details how violations of the MLS Rules and Regulations are reported, the different types of Violations (Correctable, Non-Correctable, and Behavioral) and the process for each type of violation. The Corrections Policy includes a Repeat Offender clause that details escalating sanctions for Subscribers who repeatedly violate the MLS Rules and Regulations.

The goal of the Corrections Policy is to ensure the highest level of accuracy for the MLS Database through education and communication first and escalating to the issuing sanctions only if necessary. A full copy of the Corrections Policy is available for download using the links below.

Repeat Offender/Offense Policy

On March 19, 2014, MLSSAZ introduced the new Repeat Offender/Offence Policy at the MLSSAZ Participants Meeting. The Repeat Policy includes an escalation scale for Participants and Subscribers who continuously violate the MLSSAZ Rules and Regulations. According to the Repeat Policy a repeat offender is anyone who:
     – Accumulates more than three violations of a particular rule within one calendar year and is more than 10% of an agent’s current active inventory
     – Accumulates more than ten violations of the rules within one calendar year
     – Repeats the same violation on the same listing

Repeat offenders will be subject to the following escalation scale:
     – Automatic issuance of sanctions and fines
     – Automatic escalation of subsequent fine amounts
     – Hearing by the MLSSAZ Board of Directors

A full explanation of the MLSSAZ Repeat Offender/Offense Policy can be viewed by reading the MLSSAZ Corrections policy PDF file below.

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Andrew Castillo

MLS Director of Policy & Compliance