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Green Valley Recreation

Green Valley Recreation, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving the leisure and social needs of the adult retirement community of Green Valley, Arizona. Green Valley Recreation owns and operates thirteen Member Service and Recreation Centers and provides many services and activities to a private membership base of over 13,200 households.

Why is this important? Green Valley Recreation is more than a simple neighborhood community club attached to a Homeowners Association. Green Valley Recreation is a mandatory membership for many of the homes in Green Valley in the form of a permanent deed restriction to properties within the Green Valley Recreation service area. While a majority of homes in the Green Valley Recreation service have a mandatory deed restriction requiring membership, some communities have an option to obtain a Green Valley Recreation membership via a voluntary deed restriction.

Real Estate Purchases within subdivisions belonging to Green Valley Recreation are subject to annual fees, new member capital fees and/or member transfer fees that are due at the close of escrow. Before entering into a transaction where Green Valley Recreation is in place, be sure to familiarize yourself with information about Green Valley Recreation, its benefits and requirements.


    Green Valley/Sahuarita Addendum – This addendum is to be used for properties in Green Valley/Sahuarita that are in the mandatory service area of or may qualify for an optional membership to Green Valley Recreation, Inc services.